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Our Pilates community: Listening to our bodies

Promote healthy and balanced life habits by adding Pilates to your routine. Discover the benefits of Pilates, its philosophy based on a modern understanding of the body and the community of devoted followers and instructors at Connexion Pilates!


Please note that our private and duo classes are elligible for ANQ (Association des Naturothérapeuthe du Québec) receipts for your insurance programs,

Free Private Trial Session

One Private Pilates Apparatus class per customer, according to availability.

Call to reserve a session at the studio nearest you or click on the button to reserve now!

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Private & Semi-Private Sessions

Private sessions:
Pilates on apparatus, therapeutic yoga, conscious breathing, breath essence, reiki, access consciousness.

1 class : $ 67 
5 classes : $ 307 
10 classes : $ 587
20 classes : $ 1118

Semi-Pivate Sessions
Pilates on apparatus

1 class : $ 41.50 / person

5 classes : $192.50 / person
10 classes : $ 365.00 / person
20 classes : $ 665.50 / person

45-Minute Yoga Classes

2019 Fall Session Group Classes

9-week membership :
1 class / week: $ 162 ($ 18 per course)

(45-minute course)

Pilates Apparatus

2019 Fall Session Group Classes 
from October 21st to December 18th

16-week membership :

1 class / week: $ 376 ($ 23.50 per course)
2 classes / week: $ 696 ($ 21.75 per course)
3 classes / week: $ 900 ($ 18.75 per course)

10% discount on annual subscription

Drop-In :
1 course: $ 28
10 courses (prepaid): $ 265 ($ 26.50 per course)

(Registration during the session according to availability)

Hit Hot Pilates

2019 Fall Session Group Classes 
from October 21st to December 18th

14-week membership :
1 class / week: $ 280 ($ 20 per course)
2 classes / week: $ 504 ($ 18 per course)

1 Drop-In course: $ 23 per course

(Registration during the session according to availability)

(Rosemère Studio ONLY)

** Free group class trial :
Open House on October 19th & 20th, 2019 **

75-Minute Yoga Classes

2019 Fall Session Group Classes 
from October 21st to December 18th

9-week membership :
1 class / week: $ 211.50 ($ 23.50 per course)
2 classes / week: $ 391.50 ($ 21.75 per course)
3 classes / week: $ 506.25 ($ 18.75 per course)

(Registration during the session according to availability)

75 minutes Yoga Group Classes:
Sivananda (Soft and Intermediate), Restorative, Stretching, Aroma Yin, Postural Hatha and Anit-Stress Meditative.

(Rosemère Studio ONLY)


Our new CONNEXION studio space now offers a UNIQUE IMMERSIVE AND MULTISENSORY CONCEPT of relaxation and training. Yoga and Hit Hot Pilates classes registrations are now open, contact us today!

CONNEXION Studio Space in Rosemère

New immersive yoga & Pilates classes

learn more

Hit Hot Pilates

Until December 18th 2019

learn more

Pilates Apparatus Chomedey Studio

Fall Session

See Schedule

Pilates Apparatus Duvernay Studio

Fall Schedule

See Schedule

Pilates Apparatus Rosemère Studio

Fall Session

See Schedule

Group Class memberships (per session or annual)

  • Subscription for the group course session allows you to book / secure your spot in advance at one or more courses per week for the entire session.
  • With a membership, you benefit from reduced prices (regular prices = drop-in rates).
  • 10% discount on annual memberships (contact us for details).
  • Prices vary depending on the duration of the session, and the number of days to your registration. Please contact us for the exact total amount.
  • Prices do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice.

Group Class Drop-Ins (no membership required)

  • Drop-in* and book at the last minute (subject to availability) into any group class on our schedule.
  • * Depending on availability, first come, first served. Prerequisites: private intro class. Some restrictions apply.
  • You can purchase a prepaid card of 10 Drop-In Classes (expiry 3 months from the date of purchase).
  • Please note that if the group fills up during the session, people with a subscription take precedence.
  • Prices do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice.

Studio Cancellation Policy

  • All private and semi-private classes must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged.
  • We understand that there may be unforeseeable last-minute circumstances however the cancellation policy is essential to the smooth running of the studio as it allows customers on the waiting list to fill vacancies. Management reserves the right to deduct (or charge) a course that has been canceled at the last minute.
  • Pilates Apparatus Classes Only : In order to avoid losing your right to a make-up class, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to make the change to your attendance otherwise this course will be lost. The same policy will apply for your make-up class.
  • Pilates Apparatus Classes Only : All clients who missed a group class can re-schedule and book a make-up class as long as it is within the same session.
  • No refund or credit will be allowed for missed courses. Please plan your dates in advance to keep your right to a make-up class.
  • The studio can not guarantee your spot at the same time, the same day, when you are away during an entire session.
  • The customer is responsible for reserving his spot for the next session. Keep an eye out for the new schedules and reservation deadline on our website and in-studio advertisement.

Invest in your personal wellness and indulge in some quality time for yourself

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Studio Tennis 13

Inside Tennis 13

1013, autoroute 13
Laval (Qc)
H7W 4V3


Studio Duvernay

Inside the Turcot and Olivier building

256, de la Concorde Est
Duvernay (Qc)
H7E 2C9


Studio Rosemère

326, chemin de la Grande-Côte
Rosemère (Qc)
J7A 1K3



Our unique introductory offer

Pilates is for everyone. Our mission is to help you discover the bio-mechanical philosophy and benefits of Pilates, focusing on your balance, agility, endurance and flexibility to maximize your freedom of movement and attain your full physical and mental potential.

  • Free private trial session. Limited time offer*
  • The next session at 50% off**
  • Group classes customized for a variety of levels: Maximum of 7 people
  • Private or semi-private sessions: Covered by some insurance plans
  • Specialized sessions for golfers, runners and tennis enthusiasts
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