Article de blogue - Melanie Hotte - L'intuition la clé pour être guidé.

The more present you are and pay attention to your breath, the more available you will be to listen to your intuition.

We all have an inner voice, commonly known as intuition. It proves to be our most faithful ally, accompanying and guiding us throughout our lives. Developing our receptivity to enhance our own personal guidance naturally involves connecting with ourselves.

To hear our inner voice, it requires sensory listening… Yes, a listening that is expressed through the senses. Sometimes, we receive our information, our guidance through a visual sign, sometimes through words, a song, or even through a strong feeling expressed in the body. This listening requires a commitment to oneself, an openness, and a full availability to life.

Therefore, we must cultivate our full presence in the here and now and deepen our relationship with ourselves. Our response can manifest at any moment in multiple forms.

Let me give you a very simple and concrete example.

Recently, my son experienced a particular situation that made me ask for support from my guides. One evening, before falling asleep, through my thoughts, I simply asked for help in accompanying him through this life challenge. I thanked them for giving me the strength and courage necessary in this situation. The next morning, my mother writes to tell me that today is my grandfather Léon’s birthday, he would be celebrating his 104th birthday! (Léon is my most faithful guide). I smile, it’s an answer! He heard me well. I would also like to point out that I do not know my grandfather’s date of birth. He passed away when I was barely 2 years old. Furthermore, my mother does not usually mention his birthday. But it doesn’t stop there. Shortly after, in the same morning, I come across a drawing, courtesy of my daughter who brought it home from school and dated from November, just before the strike. The drawing represents a poppy, symbolizing Remembrance Day! It’s a symbol that connects me to my grandfather. (He has quite a history with the war period) So, two answers received within a short period of time in two completely different ways. I thanked my grandpa greatly.

So, now, here’s an invitation to cultivate your presence. One of the simplest and most effective practices: becoming aware of your breath. Start the day by being aware of the continuous movement of your breath. Let it be whatever it wants to be, without any technique, simply by following the movement of inhalation and exhalation. Again and again.

Your breath is the direct link to your body, your soul, life, your loved ones, and your guides! The more present you are to your breath, the more available you will be to listen to your intuition. Of course, daily meditation practice, journaling, forest bathing are also precious tools for connecting with oneself. You just need to create space within yourself, for yourself, to be fully available to receive your precious and unique guidance.

Trust yourself, you can do it!

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