Restorative Yoga

New Classes Offered Exclusively In Our CONNEXION Studio Space In Rosemère.

Let our instructors guide you through a unique experience in our new immersive multisensory CONNEXION Studio Space.

Your mind will be transported away from the intensities of life, your senses will be solicited throughout the sessions, the atmosphere of the room and the music adjusted to the rhythm of the program you have chosen.

Whether it’s a relaxing session or an energetic workout, you’ll come out of your session refreshed and feel both physical and mental well-being.

Restorative Yoga (all levels)

In this class, the gentle regenerative yoga poses bring balance to the nervous system and activate the immune system. Since we use several accessories (yoga chair, bolster, blanket, blocks, straps, wall), this class is also known as supported yoga. These postures are kept a minimum of five minutes to reach muscle tissues and allow for the regeneration, and achieve relaxation, also helps calm the mind and the nervous system, therefore lowering anxiety and stress. Achieve a deeper self-connection and allow for the creation of space in all your systems, especially the respiratory. 

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