Aroma Yin Yoga

New Class Starting October 21st!

A calm and relaxed atmosphere combined with essential oils will accompany the session for a profound experience. This practice will bring you relaxation, flexibility, mental calm, better overall health, more space in both the physical and mental sense.

Yin yoga is a slower practice where the postures are kept for 3-5 minutes to solicit access to the connective tissues, where 50% of the muscular tensions are located. 

2019 Fall Session Group Classes from October 21st to December 18th

9-week membership :

1 class / week: $ 211.50 ($ 23.50 per course)

2 classes / week: $ 391.50 ($ 21.75 per course)

3 classes / week: $ 506.25 ($ 18.75 per course)

(Registration during the session according to availability)

75 minutes Yoga Group Classes

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