5 FUN FACTS about Pilates

Originally, Pilates was Called Contrology


The inventor Joseph Pilates created a series of exercises in the early 1900s, whose essence was "the art of control." Control of body, mind and muscles

The movement sequences emphasized the core muscles (the abdominals, the pelvic floor as well as the lumbar), the alignment of the spine and the full awareness of breathing.
The method is named today after its creator, but the essence has remained the same.

One Hour of Pilates Burns Calories Throughout the Day

It has been scientifically proven that resistance training (the very essence of Pilates) develops and lengthens muscles, and therefore activates metabolism.

Cardio is great, but when the activity is over, so is the calorie burning!

But with Pilates, even when the workout is over, the metabolism continues to burn calories throughout the day.

All Pilates Exercises Recruit the Entire Body

ALL body parts, without exception, are recruited in absolutely ALL Pilates exercises! Think of the One Hundred: the chest is raised, abdominals, legs and arms engaged. From beginning to end of a Pilates training, the whole body benefits from this type of exercise.

Your Choice of Clothes Can Improve Your Training

The apparent seams on the sides of leggings for example, can improve the quality of your workout.

This may seem odd, but in fact, these seams can serve as markers to validate the alignment of the body. Are you too forward or backward? Is your heel aligned with your knee and your ischium?

Of course, your instructor will always be there to guide you, but sometimes it is interesting to correct yourself and further develop your body awareness.

Joseph Pilates The Inventor

Joseph Pilates Inventions

In addition to creating series of Matwork and Reformer exercises, Joseph Pilates pushed his passion further by making several other training equipments to refine his technique.

He made his first Magic Circle from steel strips surrounding the beer barrels. He also developed several other Pilates equipment such as the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair, the Barrel, and even one that is called the Guillotine.
If you have not touched these other accessories or devices, you have not fully experienced all that Pilates offers!