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MerrithewTM Education Program

The only MerrithewTM Host Training Center in the Province of Quebec, Connexion Pilates Certification services the needs of students in a distinctly supportive environment. Our programs are offered in French and English. Our training centers are equipped with the latest MerrithewTM equipment and accessories.

Pioneers in Pilates

In 1999, Connexion Pilates opened the first Pilates studio on Montréal’s North Shore, and has built that studio into a community of 8,500 members and employs 17 highly qualified instructors. Connexion Pilates is now the only centre in Quebec that is certified by MERRITHEWTM hosting center, offering STOTT PILATESMD certification to instructors.

An Internationally Renowned Method

Recognized by canfitpro and the American Council on Exercise, STOTT PILATESMD is unique in the industry thanks to a philosophy based on a modern understanding of the body, thoroughness and levels adapted to the individual.

From Rehabilitation To Physical Conditioning

The method involves a multitude of exercises (essential, intermediate or advanced) to meet the specific needs of everyone, from functional rehabilitation to elite-level training.

Qualified Instructors

Our instructors, all of whom meet the highest certification standards, come from a variety of backgrounds and are committed to listening to the specific needs of each member. Connexion Pilates also provides training for the next generation of STOTT PILATESMD certified instructors from around the world.

A qualified and
diversified team

Lynn Grenier



« My philosophy is to focus on the quality of the training. Proper training requires meticulous effort, and this attention to detail involving the muscles and joints during training produces more precise and functional results. Less repetition, more deliberate execution. We activate the right muscles at the right time, without forgetting body awareness and purposeful movements. »


« I love to motivate members to expand their limitations, gradually and at their own pace, in order to reach new heights. Depending on the goals of my clients, my approach may be gentle or more demanding. I am committed to finding new ways to motivate my clients, and I enjoy researching and planning each class in order to introduce technical innovations or a bit of inspiration. »

Valérie Couture


Our Pilates community: listening to our bodies

Promote healthy and balanced life habits by adding Pilates to your routine. Discover the benefits of Pilates, its philosophy based on a modern understanding of the body and the community of devoted followers and instructors at Connexion Pilates!

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