What is Pilates?

Pilates is not:

  • At the risk of disappointing some epicureans, Pilates is not the latest trendy dish nor is it the name of the new trendy restaurant.
  • Don't be fooled by the popular belief that Pilates is a stretching system. It's not! No Siree Bob!
  • I can also confirm with the greatest confidence that it's not "like yoga" either.
  • Does your co-worker tell you that she knows Pilate and does exercises on a ball? It's not that either!
  • Oh! A small detail, your colleague says he's doing Pilate, but it's not Pilate but Pilates. The correct pronunciation is "PEE-lah-TEES."
  • You think Pilates is only for women? Heck no!!

So what exactly is the Pilates Method?

Loupe Pilates

Pilates is a full body workout, it even exercises your ankles and feet. It lengthens and strengthens the muscles, improving their elasticity and articulatory mobility. No muscle group is over-trained or under-trained, as the complete musculature is exercised, allowing you to perform sports and daily activities with greater ease and lesser risk of injury. A well-balanced body in terms of strength and flexibility tends to suffer fewer injuries.

Did you know that professional dancers and elite athletes have been reaping the benefits of Pilates for decades?

All levels athletes and dancers are turning to Pilates to improve their performance, strength, flexibility and to prevent injury.

Some benefits of the Pilates method:

-         Pilates is particularly effective for improving athletic performance, for better posture or simply better health or to promote better rehabilitation after an injury.

-        Pilates is a very flexible exercise system that allows you to change the difficulty of your movements to create beginner, intermediate and advanced training levels. Thus, you can train according to the program that best suits your needs.

-         Pilates transforms the appearance of the body, improves physical performance and promotes muscle development without excess, to create an elongated silhouette, flat abdominal muscles and thinner thighs.

Pilates exercises allow you to work several groups of muscles at a time, by focusing continuously and smoothly on the movement. Mastering the proper technique will get you back in shape safely and smoothly.

What is Pilates:

  • That little thing you were told:: Wow! Something's changed... You look taller... Have you lost weight? You really look good!
  • Pilates is also learning to inhale and exhale at least fifteen thousand times a day and not just inhale in the morning and exhale when you go to bed at night! Phew!
  • In addition to shaping your body, it also helps your mind.
  • Pilates is all that ... and more!

Did we convince you to try Pilates?

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