Standing is Not as Easy as It Seems!

Your Body Does Not Stand on "It's Own".

Standing or Rather Standing Straight Requires Strenght!

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Did You Know?

The postural muscles, located near the spine have little power, but a lot of endurance. They work constantly through micro contractions, to hold the body against gravity.

Gravite Sur La Plage Se Tenir Debout

Stand Up to Gravity!

Good posture helps to minimize the tension imposed by gravity on joints, muscles and ligaments. Over the years, this tension can cause damage to the spine. Remember that a good posture gives a look of confidence. One more reason to keep your head up and on your shoulders!

Se Tenir Droit

Do NOT Be Fooled by Appearances!

Postural muscles are less noticeable than their most flamboyant colleagues (abdominal, arm or leg muscles), but just as important for the health of your body and mind. Do not put all your eggs in the same basket, work inside and out, deep as superficial!