Do you really know... how to breathe?

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The way you breathe is a reflection of your psychological state. 

Breathing is a natural mechanism that is often neglected. Superficial breathing shows a state of stress that causes muscle tension in the upper body, neck, shoulders, and sometimes up to your ears! 

Do you recognize yourself?


Superficial breathing is manifested by a contracted diaphragm and this phenomenon can lead to several problems, including poor posture. Since the diaphragm is the muscle that separates the thorax from the abdomen, its central positioning influences posture, organs and the rest of the body.

The diaphragm is also called the great muscle of emotion, and when these are poorly controlled, they generate multiple muscle tensions. Faced with stressful or emotional situations, we often block our breathing unconsciously, and thus our diaphragm and emotions.

By learning to breathe well, you will relax your diaphragm, which will allow you to release stress and emotions. Breathing exercises or other exercises such as the Pilates method, which pays particular attention to deep and well-directed breathing, will help you relearn how to breathe well and regain your good posture.

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Direct your attention to the rhythm and depth of your expiration.
Think about taking long, deep breaths, several times a day, and when you exhale, make sure to empty all the air from your lungs.

Breathe in 3D:

Inhale by directing the air to your ribs and your back. Imagine your rib cage as an accordion, which opens and closes. Concentrate only on your breathing and the path of your breath.


It’s important to always start the exercise by exhaling, and emptying the air from your lungs, and then inhaling through the nose.
- Inhale gently through the nose, bringing air into your belly and lower ribs.
- As you exhale, breathe in your rib cage and finish exhaling by bringing air up, under your shoulders.

Breathing correctly will not only release your physical and psychological tensions, it will also help you recover your body and your mind’s well-being!