Pilates and Major Leagues

Several Major League Pro Men Choose Pilates as Part of Their Training Routine


Philadelphia Phillies ace Jake Arrieta said Pilates helped him become one of the best pitchers in the baseball league.

Arrieta has not always been the star we know today. After having an off season, when he thought that everything was lost and he even contemplated leaving baseball, Arrieta went to a studio in Austin one day with his wife, completely by chance. Since then, Jake has become obsessed with Pilates, and he declared that it was partly because of Pilates that he was able to take his game to the next level.

The famous pitcher has been practicing Pilates for many years now. Pilates gave Arrieta better overall control over his body. His balance and power are much improved. The concentration and physical strength required to perform the Pilates routines only brought him benefits and helped him greatly when he found himself on the mound.

But Jake Arrieta is not the only baseball professional to practice Pilates. Aaron Judge, Chris Sale and Kolten Wong also do Pilates, and reap the benefits of this method.

Kolten Wong
Jake Arrieta
Chris Sale
Aaron Judge


Phillip Danault takes his Pilates training very seriously. He says it’s a wonderful discipline that allows him to develop strength and stay focused simultaneously. 

Auston Matthews practices Pilates to improve his posture and overall optimize his muscular strength. Once on the ice, this will allow him to avoid a lot of injuries. 

Tyler Seguin combines Pilates and yoga during the summer. He has since improved flexibility and says to be using his muscular strength in a more "intelligent" way. He’s also avoided injuries.

Tyler Seguin
Phillip Danault
Auston Matthews


On the NFL side, the list of players who practice Pilates is growing year by year: Martellus Bennett, Antonio Brown, Bradley Chubb and Eric Ebron, to name a few.

Pilates is ideal because it helps to identify weaknesses and work accordingly. Pilates does not focus only on the major muscle groups, but also on the smaller ones that support the larger ones. As in the field, it's a team effort!  Pilates increases the strength of the "Core", allowing you to develop explosive power, while maintaining optimal balance and alignment.  

Bradley Chubb expected it to be easy compared to the traditional bodyweight he practiced. He was rather surprised! He was hot, very hot during his first Pilates session. It took a lot of effort and it was really difficult.  When Eric Ebron tried Pilates for the first time, he remembers that he trembled everywhere: his legs, his abdomen, etc. This proved to him that his muscular strength and control were perhaps not as developed as he thought!

Martellus Bennett
Eric Ebron
Bradley Chubb
Antonio Brown


Jason Kidd, JJ Redick, Dwyane Wade, James Harden and Lebron James are just a few of the NBA athletes who are incorporating Pilates into their training routines.  

Lebron James particularly appreciates the fact that it is possible to have a little more "restorative" workouts, as needed when mental and muscular fatigue is felt. It is also possible to be very hot and feel all your muscles warm up! 

Pilates offers a range of variations to precisely meet the needs of the body during training. And this during preseason, season and also postseason.


Lebron James
Jj Redick
James Harden
Dwyane Wade

Gentlemen, what are you waiting to start doing like these elite athletes and practice Pilates and become the best that you can be!