How Pilates Can Relieve Your Back Pain

Did you know that Pilates is one of the most recommended training methods for people with back pain?

A regular practice of Pilates can rebalance muscle strength and reprogram the body to use the right muscles to protect and relieve sensitive and painful areas. Many doctors, osteopaths and kinesiologists recommend that their patients adopt this physical activity.


Here's how to get this "rebalancing" in three incremental steps:


• Awakening deep muscles that make up your Core

• Awakening and strengthening other less used muscles

• Relaxing stressed and overused muscles, by working on flexibility

Here are the techniques applied in all exercises of the Pilates repertoire:

 • Breathe, but not just any way! A breathing technique coordinated with the movements performed, allow good overall oxygenation of the body, but also stabilize certain muscles before recruiting others. This helps protect fragile or sensitive areas.

 • Relax back muscles and mobilize the spine in all directions. Or almost! Some directions are to be avoided according to the condition (a herniated disc for example).

 • Strengthen and stabilize pelvis and lower back. This is good protection against injury and also optimizes the balance.

 • Stabilize the rib cage, the shoulders while having mobility. Pain in the upper back, for example in the shoulder blades, is often related to stress or poor posture. For example, when we sit at the desk in front of the computer, the body automatically releases the abdominals and the pelvic floor. This creates pressure on the column.

 • Strengthen the Core composed of  major and minor muscles, like the pelvic floor muscles, transversus abdominis, internal and external obliques and many more. 

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We say it and repeat: it is essential to work the transverse (deep abdominal layer) to help the spine to stand up straight. Although Pilates is a discipline targeting exercises to strengthen the weakened back, the method will also require a whole body work. Even the smallest muscles we do not know about!

In short, Pilates can certainly help you adopt better postural habits and therefore, stop your back pain!

You just have to gradually transfer these techniques to your lifestyle and your daily routine.

Click here to try Pilates, and you'll see the benefits for yourself!