5 Reasons to Practice Pilates

5 Reasons Why You Should Try Pilates Now!

Le Pilates Ameliore La Confiance En Soi

Pilates Improves Self-Confidence

Of course Pilates will help you refine and tone your figure. But more importantly: Pilates strengthens your core, the deep inner muscles. 

This practice will help you to have better posture, stand up straight, stand tall… All of these physical aspects are directly related to your self-esteem and self-confidence. 

One hour of PIlates and you will feel wonderfully and will have the impression of having grown 2 inches! 

Le Pilates Se Pratique Facilement Partout

Pilates is Easily Practiced Everywhere! 

Going to the studio to do Pilates on the Reformers and all the accessories is great, and what’s even better is it’s possible to continue your workout throughout the week, between classes and without equipment. 

The weight of our own body is enough. It does not matter if you’re at home, at the hotel, traveling, working, outdoors, etc. And no need to have a full free hour: 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there ;)

Pilates is the perfect training wherever and whenever!

Le Pilates Contribue A Balancer Vos Hormones

Pilates Helps Hormonal Balance

Some women experience hormonal imbalances following significant weight loss or, after childbirth, intense stress, and so on.Adopting non-impact and moderate intensity movements like Pilates can help stabilize the hormonal system (of course, it does not replace an appropriate medical treatment if needed). Pilates is not only a wonderful way to keep and maintain shape. It’s also a moment to reconnect body and mind, helping you,  get through various health issues.

Le Pilates Transformera Votre Corps

Pilates Will Transform Your Body

YES, it's proven. Pilates will change your body. Maybe not the next morning, but with constant Pilates practice, you will quickly see results.

To see body transformations, you don't necessarily need to do high intensity workouts or lift heavy weights.You can if you want it too, but if you're not the "gym" type, try PIlates. You will experience body transformations in a different way than with a traditional training: in addition to strengthening, the muscles get longer and leaner with Pilates.

Joseph Pilates said: "In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you will have a brand new body! "

Le Pilates Vous Suivra Tout Au Long De Votre Vie Monique 83 Ans

Pilates Will Follow You Throughout Your Life

Pilates is for life: no matter what your condition, weight, mood or age. 

- You have an excellent physical condition and are at the top of your fitness, and need a challenge? Do Pilates :-) 

- You're recovering from an injury and need a gentle workout? Do Pilates :-) 

The essence of Pilates is to adapt to YOUR physical fitness, and to make you feel good and become a better version of yourself!

So, if it's not already done ... Maybe it's time to try a Pilates class?